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Case Conductor 0.7.X branch now available

November 14, 2011

Just wanted to let you know we just posted our latest branch last week: 0.7.X.

This branch has lots of new fixes in it. And this is the build we are going to be working with in-house through the end of the year.

You can see a list of the “done” items on our Pivotal Tracker page here:

But a couple items worth noting are:

  • You can now filter test cases by tags and author
  • % complete for Test Runs is now accurate.  We removed it for Test Cycles because, in hind sight, I realized that Cycles are going to continue to grow over their life.  So % complete just doesn’t really work well for them.
  • You can now use filtering when creating an Environment Profile
  • Several other bug fixes

Going forward

We have decided to make a big architectural change.  We are going to take the remainder of 2011 and convert the whole application to pure Django.  This shouldn’t affect very much of the UI, but will make it lots easier to implement new features, and make the architecture easier to understand and work on in the open-source community.  Not to mention, this will make it easier to setup and run the application itself.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress on this front.  Please post a comment here or on

Thanks, Cam


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